Artist Dianne Garner


Saturday May 6

Time: 9:30 am to 4 pm

Instructor: Dianne W. Garner

Cost: $30 SASi Members

$35 Non-members

Supplies Included: silk scarf, dyes to paint during class and fixative to take home to set the dye.

Supplies to Bring: see below

Ages: 14 and up …

Skill Level: Beginning

“Bring your own lunch”


Students will choose from a 21x21 inch square or a 15x60 inch rectangle silk scarf.  Dianne will have several designs for you to choose from or you may bring your own design to paint. Instruction will be provided from drawing the design outline to painting your scarf.  Then you will take it home to wait 24 hours before you soak it in fixative and let it dry.

Students should bring a couple of soft watercolor brushes in different sizes, one or two silver metallic sharpie pens (no substitutes will do), and foam core or plain cardboard, one inch larger than your scarf (22x22 or 16x30 will do and you can do half at a time).